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  • Set your debt free date and get a customized plan to crush it
  • Debt pay down hacks you've never seen before
  • Community inspo to stay on track and motivated
  • Win up to $5,000 towards your debt in sweepstakes or giveaways when you make smart money moves
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What people have to say

The app gives me power by helping me to know my numbers. With the app, I can pick and decide which cards to pay off faster to save money.
26, Columbus
Credit Crush is an app that allows you to evaluate all your credit lines and take a deeper look at amount owed and interest and make a plan to pay those off with minimal interest possible
Lou Lou
28, Phoenix
This is the type of strategy I love to see. This is the math I've always wished I had access to.
42, Washington D.C.
I really like how the app populates all the information of my cards like Bank of America so that I don't have to enter it manually. I will definitely be sending this to my sister because she's equally bad with money!
30, Seattle

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Get out of credit card debt 6 times faster (2 years 10 months vs. 17 years 5 months) with Credit Crush. Assertion based on a consumer with a $5,000 credit card debt that has an annual percentage rate (APR) of 23%. By following the Credit Crush payment schedule, this borrower will repay their debt six times faster than if they paid only the bank’s required minimum payment. Individual results may vary based on the amount of credit card debt, applicable APR, and payments made. Credit Crush relies on data provided by your bank to determine your debt free date. Credit Crush is provided by Woven Money, Inc., which is not affiliated with your bank. See Terms & Conditions for additional details.

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